World Book Night 2013








Pirates Ahoy! Come and join us on ‘Treasure Island’

We’re absolutely thrilled because we’ve been given 500 books to give away by the lovely folk at World Book Night to share our love of reading.

We’re teaming up again with Gainsborough Community Library (who have treasure chestgot 300 books to give). And because one of our books is the classic ‘Treasure Island’ and because we think that books are the best sort of treasure, we bring you our pirate-themed World Book Night event.  Arrrrrrrr!

The free library event runs from 4-9pm.  There will be family crafts, games and book quizzes until 7pm and then a quieter time from 7-9pm.  We hope to encourage people to read something that they haven’t read before or share ideas about books they love.

The purpose of World Book Night is to share the joy of reading to those who don’t already regularly read.  So we’ll be going out and about on the night itself, and over the coming week to give our books away in that spirit.

Look out for pirates bearing books!

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