Help with Reading

Help with Reading

Not everyone is confident with reading and in fact, about one in six adults in the UK struggles with it.  So, if you feel that you have problems with reading, or you know someone who does, it can help to know that it is not unusual and you are definitely not alone.

Help with Writing and Speaking

Reading, writing and speaking usually fit together.  We can offer support to help you build confidence with all of these skills.

Can Got to Read help you?

We can help if you can’t read or write at all yet, or if you want to build your confidence.  We do this by matching you with a friendly Got to Read volunteer for  one-to-one support.  You talk to the volunteer about what is important to you and what you would like to work on most.

The sort of things we have been able to help with are:

  • starting from the beginning with reading
  • confidence in reading at home with children
  • shopping in supermarkets and reading recipes
  • filling out every day forms and job applications
  • building confidence in spelling
  • reading leaflets and information about health

How does it work?

Your volunteer will give you one-to-one, confidential support.  You start by meeting for 6-8 weeks, once or twice a week for up to an hour at a time.  At your first meeting, you agree what you will work on and how you will do it.  Got to Read provides any books or materials that are needed.

Where will we meet?

Students and volunteers mostly meet at our meeting space in Tower House, Tower Street, Ipswich.  But some people meet at other quiet places at places like libraries or community buildings,where they can talk and work in privacy, but where other people are around.

Who are the volunteers?

Friendly, patient people who want to share their love of reading and can spend a few hours a week with you.  They have had training from Got to Read so they can help you choose a way to learn that suits you best.

What happens after 6 – 8 weeks?

During the first 1-2 weeks, you decide what you want to get from your meetings with your volunteer.  You will keep looking at this together as you go along.  After 6-8 weeks, you might:

  •  have reached where you wanted to be
  • want to set some new goals and plan a further 6-8 weeks
  • take a break and maybe come back later

How do I get started?

Please give us a call on M: 07528 147654 for a friendly, informal chat.  Then you can decide if you’d like to be matched with a volunteer.

Email:  or