Moira – Got to Read Volunteer Guest Post

It’s been a very busy, and productive, first year for Got to Read, and we’ve neglected our blog while we’ve been busy training volunteers and getting started with our one to one reading partnerships.

We’re going to start posting again regularly, and we’re starting off with a guest post from Moira, who was one of the first people to sign up with us as a volunteer.

“ Hello, my name is Moira and I am proud to be a volunteer on the Got to Read scheme.  I was one of the first ‘intake’ of volunteers to undertake training in 2012.   Having retired from work in 2011 on medical grounds, I had been looking for a voluntary role that would be fulfilling, and would enable me to use some of my free time. 

 I happened upon the Got to Read scheme on the internet, and contacted Wendy with regard to information.  Wendy returned my mail, saying that the first training session would be taking place the very next day, and would I be able to attend?  I was happy to accept, and joined Wendy and Tracy with a number of other volunteers at Gainsborough Library.  During that initial training session, we were introduced to one another and to the Got to Read scheme.   

Wendy and Tracy took us through how the scheme was developed, made us aware of the extent of the need for adult literacy schemes, and how – as volunteers – our skills would be developed.  The whole session was, as are all our training sessions and meetings, relaxed, friendly and informative.

 Shortly after joining the scheme, I was ‘partnered’ with my first student.  We meet for an hour each week at a local venue, based around 6 week ‘blocks’ of meetings.  One of the biggest benefits of the Got to Read scheme is that students are helped on a one-to-one basis.  My student had enrolled in adult literacy schemes before, but did not complete them as he did not feel comfortable in a class situation. 

 The Got to Read scheme has, in this instance, proved highly successful.  My student’s confidence has improved enormously, and therefore his literacy skills have improved to the extent that he is now able to read labels when shopping, to read newspaper articles etc.   

My student said that he would like to continue meeting up in order to further increase his skills.  This is another bonus of the Got to Read scheme.  The sessions are tailored to what the student says they need and there is no set time limit, so we can work over as many six week blocks as the student needs.”

 On a personal level, becoming a volunteer for the scheme has proved to be a fulfilling and tremendously rewarding experience.  I have made new friends, gained new skills, and now have a very rewarding hobby.”

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