How to dress ….

Moira’s been in the office today and we’ve been talking about fundraising.  As with most voluntary organisations in the current climate, this is a subject that’s often in our minds.

We were thinking about the many skills/talents of our volunteers and students. This led to thinking about a Got to Read ‘lecture’ series – do we know about things that other people might enjoy hearing about in a light-hearted way,  and would be prepared to donate a few pounds for?

Now,  Moira used to work in the formal wear area of Coes and what she doesn’t know about tying a cravat isn’t worth knowing.  She also started to tell me about braces and pleats.  At that point I realised that those of us who ‘just’ have to put on a dress for that special occasion have it easy.

So, there we have it, our first idea for a Got to Read lecture “How to dress your bloke proper”.

Interested?  Watch this space for more details coming soon (or leave us a message below)


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