Help! We’re looking for affordable office space in Ipswich.

The hunt is on to find Got to Read a new home before the end of June this year.

We are currently based above the Cornhill in Ipswich Town Centre.

The advantage of the town centre location is that it’s only a bus ride away for most of our Ipswich-based students.  It’s also easy to give directions on finding us to any potential student,  as most people know where the town hall is.

We’ve been lucky enough to have been part of Community Action Suffolk’s Community Hub set -up, which has offered affordable hosting and desk space to small community organisations like ours.  It’s been brilliant for getting us set-up and going, but the lease is ending and we need to be out by the end of June.

We need a space, somewhere near the town centre, which is big enough to take two desks, two filing cabinets and a book case.  We can use mobile phones, but need internet access if possible.

A small room big enough for two people to sit at a desk for one-to-one working would be brilliant as well.

And the room needs to be accessible for people with mobility problems.

And affordable……. did I mention affordable?

So, please, if you know of anywhere suitable, or any organisation who might be willing to host us for up to a year, could you please, please, please let me know. Ten weeks is not long to find a new home …….

Thank you

Tracy M: 07939 972792

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