Gainsborough library reading partner meet ups – lovely vibe

Here’s another update about Got to Read activities.  This week, volunteer Tracy Bose talks about supporting reading activities at Gainsborough Library.

“Over the last few weeks we’ve started using Gainsborough Library as a meeting point for Got to Read reading partners.

On the night we meet, the library ‘closes’ at 5pm and I get there just before then to get a key and sort out hot drinks. This is such a treat, as I’ve always loved libraries, right from my Mum taking me as a little ‘un to our local one in Bristol (it was based in a park and it was quite a surprise to me to find out that not everyone got to go on the swings after choosing their books).

Soon after 5pm, the other volunteers and students arrive, grab a tea or coffee and then settle down in different parts of the library.  Everyone is there to work together in their pairs on reading and writing skills.

In theory,  learning could be a serious business and the reading partners seem to focus very quickly on what they’ve chosen to do that week.  But from where I sit in the middle, with my head in a book (bliss), it’s great to hear how much laughter is mixed in with the quiet periods of concentration.

I’m loving these evening meet-ups, they’re relaxed, fun and sociable and I think that’s a perfect set-up for adult learners to get the most out of learning.  And it’s in a LIBRARY – what could be better?

Tracy Bose – GtR volunteer

We have room for  more student/volunteer pairings at the Gainsborough Library evening session which runs on Tuesday between 5pm and 7pm. 

 If you know of any adult who would like some free, friendly, one to one support with reading or writing, please pass on our contact details:

 Please call on M: 07528 147654



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