Congratulations to Caroline!


Caroline Grimwood, GtR student with reading partner volunteer Heather Prophet

It’s Friday and here’s something uplifting to end the week!  Congratulations are due to Got to Read student Caroline Grimwood for receiving a Certificate of Achievement during Adult Learners’ Week  in recognition of her commitment to learning. Caroline brought the certificate along to the weekly meet-up at Gainsborough Library to share with us.

Caroline was Got to Read’s first ever student and has been meeting regularly with volunteer reading partner Heather Prophet. Caroline was really pleased to have all of her hard work acknowledged and said “I have now learnt the basic reading skills, which I am building on all the time, pushing myself to do better and I am getting to grips with writing and spelling.  My experience so far has given me lots of confidence to read to my son and I am really proud of myself for what I have achieved”.

Heather nominated Caroline for the Adult Learner of the Year awards because she was so impressed by her achievements, enthusiasm and determination. In the nomination she said “now that Caroline can read books appropriate for her 3 year old, she is setting herself higher goals all the time and we have since practised reading from formal correspondence, utility bills and even a copy of ‘Bridget Jones Diary’ which she saw and thought she might like to read to herself”

Happy weekend everyone!








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